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Premium Potty Training Watch – 16 Alarms – Only Watch with Kids Lock – Water Resistant – Video Manual – Touchscreen – Worry Free! – Fun Alarm Music – Colorful Display (Red)

Product Features:

    Qare's Premium Potty Training Watch was developed with care for toddlers and with the intention of putting a busy parents' mind at ease.Why Qare's Premium Potty Training Watch instead of other brands?✔ 16 Alarms - Our 16 alarm feature is more convenient than a timer watch. You have to…
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Product Description

Qare’s Premium Potty Training Watch was developed with care for toddlers and with the intention of putting a busy parents’ mind at ease.

Why Qare’s Premium Potty Training Watch instead of other brands?

✔ 16 Alarms – Our 16 alarm feature is more convenient than a timer watch. You have to remember to turn ON a timer watch every morning and turn it OFF every night before bed. However, you can set up to 16 alarms with our watch and not worry about turning it ON/OFF every day. It will automatically sound every day at your selected times.

✔ Kid Lock Feature – Some parents have reported that their children play around with their watch and mess up the settings for other brands. So, we have created a kid lock feature to prevent this from happening. You will need to enter the right password before you make changes to the important settings of the watch. This password is given to you in the manual of the watch.

✔ Water Resistant – Some of the other brands’ watches are not water resistant. This feature is important for a potty training watch. Our watch is water resistant and your child can use it for tasks such as washing their hands.

✔ 12 Hour Time – Our watch displays the time in a 12 hour format which is easy to read for a toddler. Whereas, some other brands display the time in a 24 hour format.

✔ High Quality Battery – Our watch has a USB end which allows you to charge the watch on the go. With other brands’ watches you will need a cord to charge the battery. However, our watch has cordless charging. It will only take approximately 30 minutes to fully charge the watch and it should last you approximately 5-7 days.

✔ Video Manual – Many parents have reported that setting up their potty training watch that they received from other brands was very difficult. Some blame the poorly written manuals that they received. As a result, we have created a video manual for our watch in addition to the written manual.

Product Features

  • 16 ALARMS – Unlike a timer watch, you do not have to set up and turn ON/OFF our watch every day! You can set up to 16 alarms for your child and the alarms will sound everyday at the selected times. Our kid lock feature which is password protected settings will stop your children from messing up the settings. Our potty training watches come in green, blue, and red perfect for any girl or boy. Our small watch and its soft silicone strap are a perfect wrist size for girls and boys ages 2 and up.
  • REMINDER FOR CHILDREN – Our trainer watch will remind your toddlers when it’s time to go to the bathroom or aid with ADHD and other tasks. The watch plays exciting music with dancing colors to remind your toddler. The song and the watch are perfect rewards for your child’s training. Our watches display the time in a 12 hour format so it is easier to read for kids. Great incentive tool to learn responsibility at an early age. Plus, you will save money on diapers by potty training your child.
  • WATER RESISTANT – Your kids can wash their hands or play with water without worry. Not suitable for swimming. Great for any wet summer game. Also, its high quality rechargeable battery has cordless charging because of the watch’s USB end. This allows you to travel with the watch. There are no accessories included or needed. The watch is light and designed for your little ones’ small wrists. Our unisex potty training watch is a great learning tool. It aids your children in their potty training.
  • EASY SETUP – Our video manual will guide you and make the setup easy for you. The package you will receive is a cute box suitable as a gift. One of the best tools to reward a child and get them excited for potty training. The watch plays songs and its multiple alarm feature is more efficient than counter clocks. It makes using toilets a happy experience for children. The colorful display and the melody of its alarms are great incentives to rush your kid to the toilet seat.
  • FUN MULTICOLORED DISPLAY – Your little ones can play with the watch like a toy by changing its display color. The time will be displayed on its clock in one of the 7 colors that your toddler can choose from. The multi colored potty training watch by Qare is fun for all toddlers boys and girls. The beautiful digital LED screen is one of its best features. Also, there is no button and the watch is touchscreen. It is the perfect first watch for your little boy or girl.

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