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Product Features:

    👶SurBaby Edge Protector for Baby - Keep your little, active explorer safe! Toddlers loooove to play and run around the house. To them, it's an adventure. To worrying parents or grandparents, it's a tripping hazard waiting to happen. Every sharp edge is a potential danger to their safety.💣 ⛑️…
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Product Description

👶SurBaby Edge Protector for Baby – Keep your little, active explorer safe!

Toddlers loooove to play and run around the house. To them, it’s an adventure. To worrying parents or grandparents, it’s a tripping hazard waiting to happen. Every sharp edge is a potential danger to their safety.💣

⛑️ Keep calm. Childproof sharp corners + edges with SurBaby furniture corner cushions

Children grow so fast and every moment is unique. Don’t waste another second worrying. Take action! Start babyproofing your home with our cute pack of edge protectors.

🏠 A childproof home is a happy home!

Dining tables, side tables, chairs, and desks STOP being a threat to your baby’s safety once you stick our corner guards. Their durable construction instantly absorbs the impact of unexpected bumps. Making playtime fun time for all family!

🧐 Superb, almost-invisible fit – No home décor harm!

Forget about damaging your furniture’s elegant look. Our bumpers are super transparent. You won’t know they’re there. Very hard to spot by kids, too. Imagine THAT!

🌞Premium adhesive for your peace of mind

Unlike most terrible-looking white or brown corner bumpers that also peel off easily, SurBaby table edge protectors offer long-term fastening and cushioning. Crystal clear, natural-looking design you can count on for many years. Yay!

Traceless hassle-free sticking + unsticking

🍸 Are YOU ready to cure your concern over sharp edges for good?

🛒 Don’t put your child’s safety on hold! Order today!

Product Features

  • KEEP YOUR LITTLE EXPLORER SAFE FROM NASTY EDGES – Protect your busy bee from painful injuries, bumps and bruises by turning your home into a child-safe heaven one coffee table corner at a time. Stick our Baby Corner Guards on furniture tops’ sharp edges so you can focus more on enjoying every happy moment you spend with your cheeky monkey. The transparent, tasteful and rectangular design is made to flawlessly fit every corner without ruining your feng shui!

  • INCREDIBLY EASY-TO-APPLY FURNITURE CORNER PROTECTORS – The best childproof design is translated into easy peasy, stick-and-go installation for parents AND impossible removal by curious yet unexpectedly strong little fingers. Just remove the covering and stick on any wooden edge you see – coffee table, wardrobe, counter tops, bookshelf. PLUS, our table corner covers’ strongest adhesion is a breeze to remove without harming your precious furniture.

  • SUPER STRONG ACRYLIC ADHESIVE – Are you tired of table corner covers that get pulled right off like nothing by your little Spiderman? Stop wasting your hard-earned money. SurBaby premium adhesive holds withstands your little bundle of joy’s superpowers. At last, super fastened edge covers that stick and last. In case you want them off, they’re very easy to remove AND clean. No sticky residue. Well, nothing that a wet wipe can’t handle, anyway! Yay!

  • CRYSTAL CLEAR VERSATILE DESIGN – Don’t turn your home into a circus with colorful rubber corner protectors or bulky, poorly-designed baby safety edging. Our lightweight bumpers will carefully cuddle every corner and elegantly blend in with any home décor. Universal fit, strong, long lasting, yet crystal clear, they’re made of the best child-safe materials. Easy on the eye, they turn every nook into a lovely and cozy oasis of safetiness.

  • NO QUESTIONS ASKED FREE RETURNS – Our mission is to protect your baby from head injuries caused by table corners, right angles and the sharp furniture in your home. Every complete set of 24 superb and practical plastic corner protectors is backed by a hassle-free return policy. If you’re not 200% satisfied with SurBaby high-impact cushioning and ultra-absorbent kid-proofing guards, contact us for a full refund. Put child safety first. Order today at no risk.

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